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Essential Tips For Choosing The Right Bed And Breakfast

Monday, May 21st, 2018
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Choosing a bed and breakfast typically means you’re going to be given great amenities at a reasonable cost. The owner of the residence may live on the property or they may offer the entire place to visitors. B&B owners are typically people who enjoy company and like meeting new people from different locations.

Bed and breakfast facilities have changed their styles over time to compete with the ever-growing challenges of tourism. There are those who will cater to travelers on a short budget looking for cheaper rooms to rent and those who serve the luxury seekers. No matter which traveler you are, here are eight tips that can help you find the best bed and breakfast.

Ask if you can bring your pet before your stay

People are traveling with pets more than ever today. If you are a pet-lover, you will want to make sure animals are welcome at the bed and breakfast you’ve chosen. There may be extra charges if pets are allowed and you should know those costs up front. These are used to cover the cleaning costs to help prevent reactions in those with pet allergies. If you are someone who doesn’t like pets or are allergic to them, a bed and breakfast that allows pets may not be the best choice for you.

See if children are allowed

Staying at a bed and breakfast means living accommodations are much closer than in a hotel. Many B&Bs prefer not to have children under 12 stay with them, especially if they offer an atmosphere for a romantic getaway. If you are traveling with infants or toddlers, there may be restrictions you need to ask about before booking your stay.

Find out which modern amenities are available

In today’s world, most people have become accustomed to modern technology and would not want to be somewhere without the internet. When you call to book a bed and breakfast, you need to ask about modern amenities like WiFi, as smaller scale establishments do not always offer them. You may also need to know if you’ll have access to a TV or other devices that are important to your personal comfort.

See if check-in times are flexible

A bed and breakfast is sometimes the home of the owner or the owner may live farther away from the property. Because of these factors, arrival times may not be as flexible as other establishments. Check how late or early you are allowed to arrive for check-ins, as they may only be accepted during certain times of the day. Other times to know are when you can leave and return during the day. If you are conducting business, visiting, or touring the area, you will need to know these timeframes.

Make sure the bed and breakfast is handicap accessible

A home establishment may not have entrances that are handicap accessible, or if the entrances are, they may have stairways. When you call for reservations, make sure you ask about handicap considerations that apply to you to ensure they will be able to accommodate you.

Ask about what is included in your stay

Even though the lodgings are called a bed and breakfast, not all include breakfast in their costs. Some travelers do not wish to partake in a group meal, so some establishments have made breakfast an option for an additional charge. Ask when making your reservations exactly what you can expect and if breakfast is included.

Check to see if bathrooms are shared

Typically, a bed and breakfast is one property that has been divided into several rooms, although others may have separate smaller homes or cabins. Individual rooms are rented for an evening or two to separate guests in single home establishments. Many of these B&Bs require you to share a bathroom with the other guests. If this is acceptable, you are good to plan your stay. There are more upscale lodgings that have added en-suite bathrooms to their business, however, so be sure to ask if this is an option.

Verify that there are heating and cooling systems

A lot of bed and breakfasts are located in historic structures and may not have modern heating and cooling systems. You will want to check on these before reserving your stay to make sure you are going to be comfortable.

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