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Starlight Canyon- I like your name. First visit for us- a birthday gift from our children! Would be good for a wedding. Still have one granddaughter that may need a venue. We are from Dumas so look for us again. Thank you!

Terry and Mayrlon Armstrong (Dumas, TX)

What a retreat and getaway from our busy lives. Love the low lights and peaceful music as we entered. Loved the hot tub and soaker tub. So grateful for the rest and peacefulness.

West Texas Friends

We have been coming here for years and yet the beauty, the comfort, the relaxation and rejuvenation that this place offers only gets better with each trip! Thank you so much for the consistency that you welcome us back with each and every time. Your hospitality is awesome! We meet again...

Wayne and Paige Sachet

We love our stay here. What a beautiful place. The hospitality was great and breakfast was amazing. We plan to come back as often as we can. What a great place to end our special night.

The Garcia’s

What a peaceful perfect stay away from our hetic life at home. Great way to re charge. This is our first time here and we cant wait to come back. It was a fabulous way to celebrate 4 years of marriage. Thank you for great hospitality. Starlight Canyon see yall next time.

The McIntire’s

We really enjoyed our stay here again! Had a beautiful anniversary remembering how wonderful our wedding night was. We cant wait to come back for brunch with santa and stay in the Pinon next time! Liz you are so sweet! Thank you all for making this such a beautiful getaway and place to stay! See you again soon!

Darren and Lindsey Irebecee

Wow we couldn’t picture our big day going as good as it did! All of you were wonderful. Thank you so much for everything it truly was the best. We had so much fun!! Everything was beautiful!! We will for sure be back! The coolest thing last night was hearing our guest say, that this was the best wedding that they had ever been to. You all did such a great job! We really thank you! 😊

Brandon and Brittanie Gonzalez

We had such a wonderful stay here!! The hot tub and area around is just so peaceful! This is the 2nd time we have got to stay here and enjoy it every single time!! It’s a perfect getaway for when we cant get to far out of town yet still feel like we are!! We cant wait to be back and try a 3rd cabin!! Everything and everybody is the best in Amarillo that we have stayed in!! Thanks again for such a wonderful evening!! We will see you again soon!!

The Averetts

Almost 4 years ago as a new couple Perry helped move me down from Denver to Houston. Now upon completion of her PH. D. she is joining me down in Houston. Starlight Canyon marked the beginning and end of a long 4 but great years and we couldn’t think of a better place to start the rest of our lives together.

Michael Rybak and Perry Davis

Ten years ago on this date we spent our first night together as husband and wife. We really enjoy the Aspen room and have come back throughout the years to spend our anniversary. Thank you Starlight Canyon for all the wonderful memories!! To many more!!

Jerry and Hannah Taylor