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3 Reasons To Have Your Wedding In The Summer 

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019
groom and bride with bouquet at outdoor summer wedding

If you’re planning a summer wedding, then you’ve picked the best time of the year to have your special day. While you’ll have to consider important factors like the heat in your planning, the best things about summer weddings far outweigh the cautions. Here’s just a few of them!

Sunny Skies

Need we say more? Spring and fall can bring unpredictable weather, but summertime is when you can count on clear and sunny skies, warm temperatures, and long stretches of daylight. This is exactly what you want when it comes to planning a memorable outdoor ceremony.

A helpful hint for having an outdoor wedding

If you’re concerned about the temperature effects on your guests, consult with your venue to see what measures they can take. Most outdoor venues ensure there is shade or air-conditioning systems along with provisions such as water bottles on hand. And, as the bride, you should absolutely make sure you wear sunscreen! A sunburn is not how you want to remember your special day. 

More Flowers For Your Bouquet

summer flower with wedding ring

Summertime is when everything is in full bloom. More flower varieties are available in the summertime than any other time of the year. This means you have a plethora of beautiful flora to choose from for your bouquet. No matter what blossom you opt for, the arrangements will be colorful, dynamic, and (arguably most importantly) more affordable. 

Look for vibrant blooms that will stay fresh throughout the day. You can ensure this by looking for flowers with a waxy texture, as it helps the plant retain water and extend its lifespan. Popular blooms you could choose are: roses, gardenias, dahlias, tulips, anemones, lilies, hydrangeas, baby’s breath, chrysanthemums, and orchids. 

A helpful hint for your floral arrangements

Try to arrange for the flowers to be delivered the day of your wedding. If there is a refrigerator on-site, store them in there before the ceremony starts. 

Beautiful Scenery

In summertime, everything is green and alive! Spring is when everything starts to bloom, and by the time your summer wedding rolls around, you’ll have a gorgeous landscape. This is especially true if you have an outdoor wedding you’re planning for. Take advantage of this lovely time of the year by taking advantage of nature and its natural decor. 

A helpful hint for booking an outdoor wedding venue

Because summer is a popular time for weddings, this means you’ll have competition to snag your perfect place. Make sure you book your desired outdoor wedding venue early! Look into scouting venues and then booking one during the off-months. One smart thing you could think about doing is to visit a potential venue a year in advance. This way you will see exactly how the venue will look on your wedding day as it will be held during that same time of the year. 

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