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4 Questions You Should Ask Before Checking In To Your B&B

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018
questions to ask when staying at a bed and breakfast in amarillo tx

Bed and breakfast owners and operators want to be sure that you will have a comfortable, relaxing, and memorable stay at their location. They love to help their guests and will answer any questions you have about your stay. Here are some good questions to ask the B&B owners before you check in at your vacation spot.

Can you tell me about restaurants in the area?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when people visit a bed and breakfast. Anyone who works there is sure to know about local points of interest, attractions, and the best places to eat. If you are not familiar with the cuisine in the area you are visiting, ask the B&B manager. They should be able to tell you more about what to expect, and maybe recommend a dish that is a specialty for the area. It is likely you could get some information that is not available online or in a guidebook.

Are there any special events or attractions to see?

Check with your B&B to see if there are any events scheduled during your stay. Some may be located close to event venues, parks, or cities with many things to do. Others may offer packages for guests, like picnics and romantic dinners or massages.

There may be events, attractions, or amenities to explore depending on the season and weather at the time of your visit. You might want to walk around the grounds of the B&B or walk to attractions that are close by. Your B&B manager should be able to direct you to any art galleries, shops, or scenic places in the area.

Are there any special menus available?

You may have already asked this question when you made your B&B reservations. There are times, however, when events and last minute shortages will cause changes in the meal planning at your B&B. For example, if you asked for a low salt or gluten free menu, is it still available? If not, ask the owner if they can suggest any alternatives. You should also ask about how breakfast is served. If you are on a romantic getaway, ask if there are any add-on packages available.

What are your hours?

If your B&B is located near attractions that feature nightlife, ask if there are any precautions you should take if you are coming back late. You do not want to wake other guests or set off an alarm, for example.

Looking for a beautiful bed & breakfast in Amarillo?

By asking a few questions, you can avoid disappointment and make sure that you have the best stay possible. Your stay should leave you refreshed, and thinking about the next time you can visit.

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