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6 Important Questions To Ask When You Tour Wedding Venues

Friday, April 13th, 2018
questions to ask about when touring wedding venues in amarillo tx

Once you have narrowed down your choices for a wedding venue, you’ll have to make a final decision on the perfect fit for your special day. Before you make that final choice, there are still some areas to cover and questions to ask. You will want to be sure everything you’re expecting is going to be there and that you will be prepared before the day of the event.

Is the rehearsal time included?

If the rehearsal time is included in the cost, you should ask how much time you will be allowed to run the practice. How much notice they will require when you decide you want to book the rehearsal is another item that should be addressed. Some venues require you schedule a rehearsal so they can stay open to the public during normal business hours.

Are there alcohol restrictions?

Wine, beer, and liquor are not allowed at all wedding venues. Some expect your caterer to carry the necessary permits to serve any alcohol as well. There are even some that will ask you to provide the necessary beverages and that you only allow the caterer to serve drinks. Different wedding venues have varying rules on alcoholic beverages, so you want to be sure you know how they will be handled.

Where will the guests enter?

Wedding venues often offer different ways to enter their building or outdoor areas. There may be coat checks at one location but not a second entry. Depending on the weather, this may be a concern, as a wedding during cold or rainy weather will have your guests arriving with coats or jackets. You want to be sure there is adequate space for them to hang their outerwear if this is the case on your wedding day.

Accessibility issues may also be a concern for you if there are guests invited with disabilities. Make sure there are handicap accesses and that your guests will be able to maneuver once inside the facility. If the main entrance you have chosen to use does not include these amenities, make sure there is an alternate entrance available.

Along with knowing if your guests can enter and exit easily, you’ll need to know how the restrooms are set-up. Are they accessible on the same floor as the celebration, and if not, is there an elevator available for those who cannot use stairs? It can be helpful to know where the bathrooms are for every guest, so ask where they are located during your tour of the wedding venue.

Where are the service entrances?

Know what type of entrances are available to bring items into and out of the area. If you are going to rent any type of equipment, it is important to know how the rental company will be able to move the items inside. Some rental companies charge more if there is not an easily accessible entry. Many wedding venues offer services like DJs and food preparation onsite to help with this. Be sure to ask about these services if they would be more convenient for you.

How much time is allowed for the rental?

If you are having equipment brought in, you will need to know how much time ahead of the event is allowed to bring it in. Along with this, you also need to know how much time the wedding venue will allow for you to remove equipment from the event. Most wedding venues have an eight-hour window for your celebration. This eight-hour time frame consists of three hours for setting-up and taking-down, leaving five hours for the event. Make sure you know the time-frame and whether or not it includes load-in and load-out times, or if those times are separate.

What about lighting and electricity?

Check with management at the wedding venue to see if the lighting can be dimmed. Couples generally check out their wedding venues during daylight hours, making it hard to judge what the room will look like if it is dark. Ask if the lights can be dimmed or brightened, or if you will be required to bring in your own extra lighting.

Depending on the form of entertainment or equipment you will be using, it is important to know where and how many electrical outlets are available. Photo booths have become a popular attraction at many wedding receptions, for instance. If you choose a photo booth, you will need to make sure the venue can support its operation and has a location for it to be connected.

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