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6 Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Summer Wedding

Thursday, June 13th, 2019
A Couple in an Outdoor Wedding Venue | Summer Wedding

There’s something about a beautiful outdoor summer wedding that helps make for a truly special occasion. But planning a summertime wedding also has its own unique issues. The heat is one of these issues, but there’s a few others. Read these six tips to keep in mind as you plan out your big day. These seemingly minor touches can make for a memorable experience that everyone can enjoy.

1. Send Out Your Save-the-Date Invitation Early in the Year

Remember that for families with school-aged children, summertime is their vacation season. Allow your guests to plan for your wedding accordingly by sending out your save-the-date letters six to eight months before your wedding date.

2. Ensure the Venue Is Cool and Has Enough Shade

If you’re planning an outdoor summer wedding, keep in mind that you’ll want to have plenty of shade and other sources of heat relief. Choose a venue that has shady trees or coverings where the ceremony will take place. This will help both you and your guests enjoy your special day. You may want to ensure the venue can accommodate by providing portable air-conditioning systems. If it’s a particularly hot day, it could be a wise idea to provide water bottles and have several buckets of ice and hand towels close at hand.

3. Have the Ceremony in the Late Afternoon

Avoid having the ceremony at midday. That’s when the sun will be the strongest and the heat will be at its most unforgiving, leaving little energy for guests to enjoy themselves. Aim for having the ceremony in the late afternoon with dinner scheduled for early evening or sunset. Not only will this allow you the full experience of a summer wedding without the threat of heat exhaustion, but you’re also guaranteed the ideal lighting for photos.

4. Say Yes to a Summer Wedding Dress

As the bride, you’ll want to wear your dream dress on your special day. But it’s strongly suggested that you ensure this dream dress you choose is made from fabric that is light and breathable. You’ll feel sticky and stuffy in a traditional long ball gown, but you’ll be absolutely radiant in a dress of light fabric like silk. You may also want to choose a cocktail dress to change into for the reception, especially if you can’t not wear a heavier traditional dress for the wedding ceremony.

5. Serve Lighter Food Options

Think about choosing lighter food options for your reception. For example, choose a selection of grilled entrées, fruit and meat skewers, and fresh fruits as the main course. Afterward, you can serve a selection of fruit tarts and minty desserts for a refreshing meal experience that’s perfect for the summery wedding theme.

6. Apply Enough Sunscreen on Your Skin

Make sure you protect your skin! Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen before putting on your makeup and dress. In fact, talk to your makeup artist about choosing a foundation and moisturizer that comes with SPF and test these for any allergic reactions on your skin, ideally several weeks before the wedding date. You may also consider having a basket of travel-sized sunscreen on hand for your guests to take. A good location for the basket would be the guest bathroom, along with bug spray.

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