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7 Types of Wedding Venues and What They Say About You

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018
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When you plan a wedding, you may face what seems like endless decisions. While most consider this to be “your special day,” it will take preparation to bring everything together. Your wedding day is not only a celebration, but will give those around you insight about who you are. Each decision you make, from the style of your dress to your wedding venue, is an expression of yourself. The following are seven wedding venues and what they may say about your personality.

A Rustic Barn

Choosing a barn setting for your wedding venue may suggest you’ve grown up in a rural area. This choice could also mean you grew up in the city, but have a love for the great outdoors and enjoy visiting peaceful countrysides. Choosing a rustic barn venue for your wedding gives you multiple choices on decorations. You can transform barns into any theme and use almost any menu to fit your setting.

A Country Club

A bride who chooses a country club as her wedding venue shows a woman who knows what she wants. This type of venue will not be an ordinary setting for a wedding celebration. Your food choices will probably be as tasteful and elegant as the setting. Having your wedding at a country club will tell others that you are a classic and refined person.

The Outdoor Wedding Venue

The outdoor venue represents a true nature lover and shows guests how much you love fresh air and open spaces. The possibilities are endless for this type of wedding venue, ranging from a beautiful canyon to the opening of a green forest. You can use themes ranging from romantic to outdoor rustic and even include nature’s beauty by using wildflower bouquets. This choice of wedding venue expresses to people your sense of style may be classic or romantic, and that you appreciate more vintage and natural settings.

A Beach Setting

Getting married on the beach shows that you are a laid-back type of person. Beach weddings can be casual or formal, depending on the couple’s preference. You will most likely keep the guest list small, but those invited are the friends and family closest to your heart. This wedding venue says that you don’t mind being barefoot and shows that you are a relaxed and easygoing bride.

The Backyard Setting

If your wedding is in the backyard of the home you or your future husband grew up in, it shows you value family over everything else. Being family-oriented at heart may have you focusing more on the ceremony than the party to follow. However, you won’t disappoint your guests with anything less than perfect. You may be a creative and crafty person, and your talents can transform the backyard into a beautiful setting for your special day.

A Ballroom Venue

Hotel ballrooms are one of the more stylish venues for brides to choose. This venue is comparable to the upscale country club setting and shows your guests that you enjoy the finer things in life. Ballroom venues suggest that you enjoy taking care of yourself and that you would like to take care of your guests as well.

A Castle or Museum Location

Castle or museum wedding venues tell your guests and the public that you are different from the average bride. You want your choice of venue to leave guests with a sense of sophistication and surprise. Chances are you will have a unique and brilliant dress that will compliment your natural beauty and unique sense of style. Your wedding will tell your guests how much you appreciate elegance as well as individuality.

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