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What To Expect From Your Stay At A Bed & Breakfast

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
Palo Duro Canyon B&B Amarillo, TX

Two types of people spend time at bed & breakfasts (B&Bs). There are those who enjoy the company of others, and those who wish to spend their time alone. Good innkeepers can distinguish between these two types of guests and can meet the needs of both. No matter what type of guest you are, there are certain expectations you should have for your stay at a B&B.

Communicating with your host

If you have specific needs or expectations for your stay, alert your host upon arrival. Many B&Bs tailor their services and amenities to you. Specific policies may prohibit them from meeting all your needs, but they will do their best to accommodate you. Dietary requirements are often a big concern, so if you suffer from allergies or dietary restrictions, alert your host right away. The same goes if you have a disability that will need specific entrances and exits.

Meal times

Bed & breakfasts typically serve a home-style breakfast that you will share with other guests. This type of breakfast is part of what makes the B&B experience so unique because you will have options.

At Starlight Canyon, we deliver a hot cooked breakfast to your cabin on the weekends and our weekday guests enjoy a continental breakfast set up in the cabin upon check-in for convenience. Many weekday guests choose to add the hot cooked breakfast to their stay to get the full experience.

If there’s a local restaurant you’ve wanted to try, or if you’re the type that prefers to sleep in and skip breakfast, just let your host know. Smaller establishments will appreciate your notice, while larger ones may not have to know your plans ahead of time. Check with the host upon arrival and ask what their expectations are, should the issue arise.

If you would like breakfast, but prefer taking it out with you, check with the innkeeper to see if they offer breakfasts to-go. Some areas offer great hiking experiences, and guests may want to take their breakfast along for later. You may also want to have a meal all to yourself in the quiet of your room. While some establishments offer this amenity, policies do vary, so check what the B&B’s to-go meal policy is upon arrival.

Checking in to the bed & breakfast

Influences beyond your control can always occur, delaying your arrival to the B&B. Innkeepers are aware of these uncertainties in travel and will work with you if you are late. Contact your host as soon as you can and let them know your circumstances if you know you’ll be running behind. Touching base with your host will allow them to make the appropriate arrangements and possible changes to your reservation.

Accidents in your room

If you’ve had an accident in your room, it is important to be honest and upfront. B&B owners understand that accidents happen, and if you let them know right away, chances are they can be fixed more easily. If you have a pet in the room and they have an accident, let the innkeeper know immediately. Pet messes need to be addressed quickly to remove odors and prevent staining.

Conversation with other guests

Part of the unique experience of staying at a bed & breakfast is the time spent around the table each morning. Conversation created among guests can be quite enjoyable and entertaining. You can get many different insights and opinions given to you by people from various walks of life. This is the perfect time for you to learn about others’ adventures and experiences, gain insight into the local area, or find other places to visit.

Personalized service

If you are looking for information about the area, talk to your host. They often have some of the best information on the surrounding area. Innkeepers at B&Bs talk to people from all walks of life, who often tell them about the various experiences they have during their stay. They have local insider know-how, and in many cases, years of experience to help guide you to wonderful experiences in your travels. Even if they don’t have the information that you’re looking for, they can often send you to someone that will.

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