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Making Your Wedding Night More Special

Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
A Honeymoon Bed Set-Up | Wedding Night

After the busy months of wedding planning and the bustling hours leading up to the ceremony comes your first night as a married couple. This can be exciting or nerve-wracking, maybe even both for newlyweds. But no matter how you’d want to spend your wedding night, there are many ways to make it more memorable. Here are some of them:


Prepare a Surprise

What better way to make your wedding day more special than planning a surprise for your other half? It doesn’t have to be something huge or expensive, as long as it’s something that your partner will surely appreciate.


Consider getting them a thoughtful gift, like jewelry they’ve always wanted or a bottle of their favorite wine that holds a special meaning to them. You can also plan something like a simple feast with all their favorite food in the comfort of your hotel room.


Communicate With Your Other Half

Being newlyweds can bring about lots of emotions, especially once the festivities are done and you’ve settled in for the night. Take this moment to express your feelings to your partner. Tell them how you feel, declare your love all over again, or simply talk about anything else to celebrate the momentous occasion.


Create the Perfect Playlist

Music can set the perfect mood for every occasion, and your honeymoon is no exception. To create a romantic setting, prepare a list of songs that fit the mood and play it once you’re alone together. You can even make one that’s full of your and your partner’s favorite songs to make the moment more meaningful.


Pamper Yourselves

After the wedding ceremony, the speeches, the dancing, and the mingling, you will definitely be all kinds of tired as the night sets in. Before you and your partner hit the hay, what about some pampering? You can schedule a nice couple’s massage or go for a relaxing soak together in the bathtub with soothing essential oils or rose petals.


Get Professional Wedding Planning Services

While there is no definite way to prepare a perfect wedding night, these tips can give you some ideas on how to go about it. If you feel like you need more help in planning your wedding, reach out to our team at Starlight Canyon in Amarillo, TX today!