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Tips To Narrow Down Your Wedding Guest List

Thursday, March 2nd, 2023
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No matter how grand or simple your wedding is, it is still one of the most important moments of your life. So, it’s essential to have the right people around you when celebrating your big day. Planning your guest list can be fun. But, if you’re aiming for a smaller venue or want to cut back on expenses, choosing whom to invite can be stressful. Read on to learn how to narrow down your wedding guest list.


Create a Tiered List of Guests

Instead of randomly listing down people you want to attend, divide them into tiers depending on how crucial it is for them to be at your wedding. Place immediate family and best friends in the first tier, close relatives and colleagues in the second tier, and so on. Through this, you can prioritize the most important guests, and if you need to cut down on attendees, you can start choosing from the bottom of the list.

Talk to Your Parents About Family Guests

Sure, it might be nice to have many family members present at your wedding, but it’s not ideal to have people you barely know on your special day. To ensure your parents don’t get carried away with inviting almost every distant relative, tell them how many they can ask right away. You can also talk about which family members you really want at your wedding or those you prefer not to. 

Choose Plus Ones Wisely

Not allowing plus ones is one of the easiest ways to remove people from your guest list. Still, some exemptions can be made depending on their circumstances. For instance, your friend who recently got engaged can bring along their long-time partner, or a close colleague who won’t know anyone at the wedding can bring a friend.

Consider Making the Event Child-Free

While this can be difficult, especially if you or a majority of your friends and family have children, it is still a great way to minimize your wedding guest list. Aside from saving you money, it will allow parents to relax and enjoy the ceremony.

Plan Your Wedding With Starlight Canyon

With these tips, you can better decide whom to invite to narrow down your wedding guest list. For further assistance in planning your big day, contact Starlight Canyon in Amarillo, TX. Our team will gladly help you achieve the perfect wedding of your dreams.