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Know These 6 Important Things When Booking Your Honeymoon

Friday, December 20th, 2019
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A wedding is an incredibly special event. Not only is it a woman’s “big day”, it’s a memorable occasion for the groom and all their friends and family. There is significant planning put into weddings that can also extend to the honeymoon. And one of the most important choices to make for an engaged couple is where they will stay for their honeymoon. Selecting a reputable hotel or lodging that is safe and in a suitable location is important. In theory, it’s not so different from choosing a hotel to book at any other time in your life. However, since it’s your honeymoon, you’ll want to prioritize several key things when choosing your lodgings. Here are a few that you might consider. 

What’s your budget?

Your budget should already be set when you started planning for your wedding. Your budget should be one of the very first decisions you make. Determine what your price range is, and use that sliding scale to plan your honeymoon. Do you want to stay in a luxurious inn for several days? Or do you want to book a modestly-priced bungalow and stay for a week? 

Will you handle the booking or hire a travel agent?

Depending on what’s on your itinerary, you should decide whether or not you will use a travel agent to book your trip. Travel agents can arrange all the booking for flights, boats, hotels, and much more at no extra cost. And what’s more, they can get your special discounts that you won’t get anywhere else! However, if your destination is a straight shot several hours away that is easily traveled in a car, you will likely be just fine booking your stay on your own. 

Where will you go?

The next decision is the location of your honeymoon hotel. Are you sticking close to home or traveling to a dream resort? One possibility is to split the difference and stay at a bed-and-breakfast located near a favorite location. Many B&Bs offering special honeymoon packages and deals and many of them are located just where you want to stay. They also offer a wide variety of experiences tailored to newlyweds. Once you pick that final location, consider the decision one last time. Too many couples choose a location that sounds romantic instead of a place they would really enjoy. The Bahamas can be romantic but if you and your spouse-to-be love to ski, it makes better sense to pick someplace that’s a better fit for your personality.

Will you want a special all-inclusive honeymoon package?

Many places that are popular honeymoon destinations will offer special package deals. Along with the room, they may also include the food, special outings, and more into one flat rate. If you’re looking to make the most out of your stay and are inclined towards exploring and adventure, this may be the best option for you. You may also be better off choosing this option if you are getting married at the same place where you plan to honeymoon. Having a package that deals with the details for both your wedding and honeymoon can be incredibly streamlined and cost effective. 

Double check the details!

Make sure you think of all the smaller details that are important to you. Such as late night room service, a pool or sauna on location, and so on. Before you make your booking, call the location and verify that these features are indeed part of what they offer. After the excitement of a wedding, the very last thing you may want to do is feel like you’re missing out on something, so double check! 

Find out what amenities are offered.

What kind of amenities will be offered by wherever you choose to book your honeymoon? Do you want to be in a secluded place that’s close to nature? Or will you want to be right around the corner from a bustling nightlife? Are you a fitness fanatic who will need a gym on site, or do you want a cozy cabin secluded from it all? 

These are the questions you should ask yourself as you decide where to book your honeymoon. If you find out what is important to you, you should have no issue finding a wonderful and unforgettable place to celebrate your new life together. 

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