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Plan Your Best B&B Stay Using These 9 Tips

Friday, February 16th, 2018
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Whether you need to stick to a budget or you do not know how to plan your stay at a B&B, there are many ways you can prepare. The following nine tips can help you get the most from your experience at a bed and breakfast.

1. There is a “right time” to book your stay

Booking your room about 45 days out from your desired stay dates is the average choice. If the location is popular, you may need to make a reservation even further out. This is also true if you are staying because of a special occasion or holiday. Rooms fill up fast and cost more during peak seasons, so be sure to plan your stay accordingly. Booking early also allows you to focus on planning activities in the area of the bed and breakfast.

2. Consider the cost of extras

A cheap hotel that costs less than a bed and breakfast is not always the best deal. Usually, nothing more than the room and WiFi will come with an inexpensive hotel room.

You can get much more out of your stay at a B&B besides breakfast. Other amenities may include cinnamon rolls, bike rentals, private porches with hot tubs, beach umbrellas, and other amenities depending upon the location. Staying at a bed and breakfast is a better deal when you add detailed service, a hot breakfast, and personal care from the innkeepers.

3. Be aware of cancellation policies

There is not any standard cancellation policy because each bed and breakfast is unique. This means you should look carefully at the costs before you give your credit card information. Think about travel insurance if the weather or illness is an issue and make sure to always read the fine print.

4. Look up the location on a map

Special locations are one feature many B&Bs offer their guests. Some are located out in the country, along wooded trails, in rolling hills, or in canyons. They may also be in a residential area away from crowded cities. Keep in mind that there will be additional costs driving to and from the bed and breakfast to local attractions if you are outside of a city. Look at maps and do a little planning to make sure you know if there are long distances between sites you want to see and where you will be staying. You should also ask the owners of the bed and breakfast if there are any favorite attractions you should visit.

5. Children may or may not be welcome

Check the bed and breakfast’s policy regarding children. Certain inns may have restrictions on age, or they may have areas onsite where kids are not welcome. Some B&B’s have family activities and amenities like sporting equipment and fun classes for children, while others are meant to provide romantic getaways.

6. If you have allergies, find out about the owner’s pets

If the bed and breakfast you are staying at is also the owner’s full time home, you may be able to meet and spend time with their pets. It is not unusual to find cats, dogs, or both at this type of establishment. If you are allergic to either animal, check out the policy page of the B&B’s website or give them a call.

7. Breakfast can be done your way

A family style morning meal is no longer the standard at every bed and breakfast. Some innkeepers offer coffee to go and freshly baked pastries as you head out the door. Your innkeeper may deliver breakfast to your room, which is a treat for occasions such as anniversaries and honeymoons. There are even bed and breakfasts that offer a communal kitchen or continental style breakfast.

If you are staying at a bed and breakfast to have a romantic getaway or honeymoon, ask about add-ons to enhance to your stay. You can get snacks like chocolate covered strawberries, a dinner for two, and even a relaxing picnic.

8. Remember that reception hours may vary

Before you plan your arrival and departure, check reception hours. Some bed and breakfasts have 24 hour reception or onsite staff to help you with check in and check out. This is not the standard at every B&B. Coordinate your arrival and departure times with the innkeepers to make sure everything runs smoothly. It is courteous to notify them if you are running late because of a delayed flight or traffic or if you will need more time before checkout.

9. Communicate with the innkeepers

One best part of the experience of staying at a bed and breakfast is the personalized attention paid to you by your hosts. They can accommodate requests such as your needs as a vegetarian, a refrigerator access for medications, gluten free baked goods, and in-town recommendations for other needs. If you have questions about anything you might need, be sure to ask the owners ahead of time.

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