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Romantic Garden Wedding Ideas in the Heart of Texas

Tuesday, September 20th, 2022
A garden wedding | Romantic Garden Wedding

One of the most popular venues where couples tie the knot is in a garden. That is because it provides a natural and elegant ambiance—an excellent backdrop for when it’s time to exchange vows with your significant other. Achieve a memorable and romantic garden-themed wedding by using these ideas and inspirations.

Decorate the Venue With Florals and Greenery

Work with the event decorator and florist to create a whimsical and elegant atmosphere for the garden. For the wedding arch, decorate it with lush flowers and greenery garlands. You can also spread rose petals along the aisle to achieve that romantic appeal.

Dazzle your guests by using wildflowers for table centerpiece decor in the reception area. You can also include mint, sage, myrtle, and other natural herbs to elevate the look of each table.

Dress Up in a Floral-Inspired Attire

If you’re the bride, display a quaint, natural, and elegant aesthetic by wearing a floral-themed look. Adorn your head with a floral crown or style your hair with tiny flowers. Decorate your wedding dress, veil, and cape with floral designs and patterns.

Moreover, you can also ask your guests to wear floral-themed accessories and outfits for the wedding ceremony and reception. Such examples include flower crowns, flower pins, and floral dresses, to name a few.

Set Up a Garden Wedding Tent

You can have the option of pitching a tent for an elegant, sophisticated, and romantic garden-themed wedding. This canopy is often regarded as the focal point for the matrimonial event. That is why you need to find the right shape, size, and design for the tent you plan to set up.

Serve Farm-to-Table Cuisine and Floral Desserts

Create a menu that follows the theme of your wedding by letting your guests enjoy farm-fresh cuisine. Request dishes that use farm-to-table ingredients available in the area from your wedding caterers. In addition, for an exciting and elegant-looking final sweet course, prepare to serve floral-pressed pastries and desserts.

These are only some ideas you can use to create a romantic garden wedding. Look no further than Starlight Canyon if you want to get married at an elegant garden venue in Amarillo, TX. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can make your wedding day special and unforgettable.